January Shipment

What can we take?

  • Baby clothes including knitted things
  • Children’s clothing – any season but no coats (too bulky)
  • Small toys, soft toys & blankets
  • Musical instruments
  • Pens/Pencils and other stationery
  • Exercise books (but not reams of paper)
  • Children’s books (preferably educational)
  • Cooking utensils (not saucepans)
  • Functioning mobile phones (with chargers) that are reset to factory settings

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Raised so far:

£19, 458

Current Projects


Abura Primary School

IMG_2327Abura is a rural village just outside of Takoradi, it has a relatively small population but is continually growing. A school has been built there which caters for children age 6 to 11 years. The buildings are there but there is very little in the way of stationery and other learning aids.

We are aiming to raise money to send some small equipment out to the school; we have sent lots of stationery, sports equipment and clothing. The school now has electricity and in order to give any of these children a chance to pursue further education we are raising money to send laptop computers donated by companies upgrading their ICT equipment to the school.


Football Teams

Children in the schools we support in Abura and Axim have received football kits donated by teams around Burton on Trent to allow them to compete against other schools.

We have won matches, created fully functioning teams and now even completed the kit with a donation of about 100 pairs of football boots.

Any football teams who want to donate their old kits please let me know as these are always welcomed with hugely happy smiling faces.


Abura Health Centre

We are raising money to support the rural health centre in Abura. They have two new midwives there who are working hard to improve the maternity care in the village. To do this they need simple equipment such as gauze, delivery sets and bed linen. But also more specialist things such as a delivery bed and sterilising equipment.

We are aiming to furnish this centre in the next two years but we need your help. Anyone who works in this area in the UK please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you think you can help.